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I've worked for many years with writers in all stages of planning, writing, revising, and polishing their projects. I have a particular affinity for fiction and creative nonfiction/memoir, but have also worked with playwrights, academics, students, and professionals in varied fields.


As an editor and coach, my goal is to help you identify and work towards your own ambitions. This means that our work together will be conversational: I will ask questions, describe my experience as a reader of your writing, and provide observations and scaffolding to support you as you move forward with the work.


I'm also a believer in feedback that's as much about what's working well as what might change; part of my role is to help you identify the gifts and skills that you can bring more fully into your writing. 


Once we decide to work together, I'm happy to tailor my support to your writing needs and goals. Most of the time, something like one of the following two options makes sense:


  • If you're coming to me with a complete draft of a particular project, I can provide feedback both in writing and in conversation. I generally like to begin with a real-time conversation to get a sense of the specific ambitions you have for the piece, and will then provide notes both in-text and as a written response letter (and a final talk-through too, if that's of interest). 


  • If you're in the middle of a project or are trying to begin one/establish a writing practice, we can schedule regular meetings in which we talk through your work-in-progress. I can also offer writing prompts, reading suggestions, and guidance on establishing a writing routine, revision practices, etc. These meetings can be scheduled at whatever interval works best for you (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.), and can also involve written feedback and/or meeting notes. I'm also available to answer questions via email between meetings.

To schedule a free 20-minute consultation or to find out more, shoot me an email.

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